How to make an App

How to make an App

Learn how to make an iPhone, iPad and Android Apps without learning to write programming code. We’ll show you how to use a cloud-based App development platform that offers over 3,500 App components that allow you to create professional quality Apps quickly and easily using templates.

This course is perfect for anyone; students (college, Uni, TAFE) and small business owners who can’t afford to pay $10,000 or more for a mobile App and wondering how to make an App. You need no experience at all to publish your own Apps.

It’s easy to learn and we’ll walk you through the App publishing process step-by-step. This course is a roadmap for making an App and will cover basic to advanced features. Where you take it is up to you.


1. This is a course for developing Business Apps not Utility Apps or Games. It means content based Apps like the content you would have on either your or someone else’s website and you want to use to make an App about.
2. You may want to have a website to run your App from so that it can copy the data from. Almost every App has a website at its backend. its easy and free on google sites


By the end of this course you will have an understanding of Cloud based platforms and learnt how to make, publish and get to market iPhone, iPad and Android Apps without learning to write programming code.

Session 1
1. Overview of the mobile Apps Development Process
2. Concept Sketching
3. Research and Strategies
4. Wire-framing
5. User Interface Design
6. Development
7. Testing
8. App Store Submission
9. Marketing
10. Free online resources.

Session 2
1. Demonstration of making a simple App
2. Setting up an account
3. How to change icons and logos
4. Background of an App
5. Integrating video, audio, RSS feeds, and images, menus, HTML pages in your Apps
6. Getting help and using forums
7. Practical exercise – building your own app.

Session 3
1. Overview of the Platforms available
2. Platforms: basic to advanced
3. How to choose the one best platform for you.

Your laptop must be Wi-Fi enabled. You will have faster internet access if you use your own laptop.

1. Google Chrome and Firefox
2. iTunes

1. Apple Developer Account to publish your iPhone and iPad Apps (cost is $US99/year) – it take 24 hours for the approval process. Some platforms require you to have the developers account for Testing of your App, some platforms have Simulators in a real environment to work with.

Android Developer Account to publish your Android Apps (cost is $US25/year). It is not necessary to have a developers account to test your Android App. Contrary to Apple. You need to create a google checkout account for that first.

2. Picasa or Flicker accounts to stream your photos in the App
3. Gmail account
4. Google merchant account
5. Paypal account to work with Apps payment types features.


1. Must be familiar with iTunes connect for Managing iOS Apps

2. Familiarity with HTML5 and CSS if you wish to use the advanced features.

3. You should have a budget category, Android Smartphone. You can find some reviews and recommendations here: Samsung smartphone under 5000

Questions to help students define their project.
1. Describe what the app will do and how it will be used by your customers.
2. What are the 3 most important tasks this app has to help users accomplish?
3. List the features you would like to see in your app. Like: Facebook, Twitter, tap to call, map location, videos, audios, HTML page, pdf, word, epub etc
4. Identify every group of users of this app: ages, location etc
5. For each group, please describe exactly how each user group will use the app.
6. What information does the app have to collect from users? For example, enrolment form, application, appointment schedule, etc?
7. How often will you make updates to your app?
8. Do you have a website for integration with your App? It’s a good idea. Google sites provide a quick and easy solution. Database types of Apps must have a website at their backend for integration.
9. Identify your Application Assets, ie the images, logos, screen shoots etc and bring these to class. This is your responsibility – not the Instructors.

So what can my Apps include?
*Custom HTML Pages ( you can do lots of things with it if you know a little HTML)
*Web Pages
*RSS and ATOM Feeds
*eCommerce Through PayPal
*eCommerce Through iTunes ( needs to register for In App Purchase through itune connect)
*Upload Videos
*Events Calendar
*Streaming Audio
*Streaming Video
*Photo Albums
*Twitter Feed
*Facebook Page
*Google Maps to Any Location
*Google Calendar
*One-Touch Calling
*One-Touch E-mailing
*Contact Information
*Share Photos Inside an App
*Custom Created Forms
*Coupons (GPS based Coupons as well)
*GPS-Based Notifications and Offers
*Push Notifications
*News Feeds
*E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Text Message Sharing
*Third party integrations

You can not include functionality like Gyroscope, Accelerometer, sensors etc in your Apps. They are high level hardware functionality and need native language programming. Although this can be done on certain platforms with some effort. the instructor can tell you about those platforms and its up to you to explore them in your time – it is beyond the scope of this course to teach them.

Ideas of some of the Businesses you can have the Apps for:
*Restaurant Apps
*Bar & Club Apps
*Realtor Apps
*Lawyer Apps
*Gym & Fitness Apps
*Spa & Salon Apps
*Any other small business

Other information
This course is hands-on and students will need to bring their own laptop and use our free wifi or use the College computers. You will have faster internet speed if you use your own laptop and our wifi. Course includes access to an online forum (free) and web hosting service (at an additional cost). The developers account fee is not included in the course costs.

What will be provided
1. Links to all the Presentations and more
2. Online Forum help
3. Links to Android Guidelines
4. Links to iPhone Best Practices Guidelines
5. Free Apps icons and images to download and use
6. Free wire framing software and Stencils to use in your future projects
7. A List of free development tools to make your life coding free as much as possible.

General Information About Pokemon & Different Types

If you don’t know what a Pokemon is, you may have stumbled onto this site by accident. There are many of reliable sources such as, and Bulbapedia that are chock full of information surrounding the Card Game, Video Game, Manga, and Anime of Canonical Pokemon.

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Wild Pokemon

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Shiny Pokemon: A Pokemon whose genetic structure has altered the natural color of its skin, fur, and eyes. The differences can be anything from a slightly different shade of its usual color, to an extreme pallette swap. The occurence is so phenominally rare, that these Pokemon are often coveted by collectors.

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How to draw cars from the movie Cars

How to draw cars from the movie Cars

This movie was a big hit. If you are a fan of the movie you may be thinking about drawing some or all of the characters from the movie. This can be a fun and rewarding experience. Anyone can draw; it will take a little practice but do not give up. You can draw one car by them self or a few together. You should try and give your drawing a little special touch to make it truly yours. Before you get started, it’s a good idea to watch the movie online for free.
When you start your drawing it is a good idea to have a reference picture of the car you want to draw. If you do have a reference picture you can draw a grid over the picture and then draw the same grid on your paper only larger. This will give you some guidelines to use and you know that your drawing will be proportionate. The cartoons in Cars have some very distinct details and you want to be sure that you have them at the right angle and in the right place.

Once you know which character you want to draw you can get started. You can go with the grid like mentioned earlier or chose to freehand, or use an outline to go by. If you are comfortable with freehand then I would suggest that you do the basics for the whole car and then go into detail. If you focus on one area and then get to the next and realize that there was a mistake it will take you longer to correct the error. The other choice is to make a light out line of the entire car and it’s basic features. Then go into details from there.

You want to be sure that you capture the outstanding features of these cars in your drawings. The mouth of each car gives you an idea of their mood and personality. The eyes are also very important; you want to be sure that you have them aligned just right. Then the most complex part of each car will be the difficult part. You need to get the rust of Mater, or the advertising stickers of Lightning McQueen. This will give your drawing the best quality. Now it is time for you to add your own special touch to the drawing. This is where you can have some fun. Place the cars in an unusual location or with other cartoon characters to give a different atmosphere.

Have fun with the drawing and make it special. Find your inspirational picture and get started.